Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present Synopsis

Cast: 4 (2m / 2f)
Running time (approximate):
To be confirmed
Availability: Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present has not been published.


Grace (his wife)
Adrian (his son)
Grace (Adrian's fiancee) *
Faith (Adrian's wife) *
Charity (a call girl) *
Hope (his sister's friend) *

* played by the same actor
It’s Micky’s 80th birthday and he and his wife Meg are awaiting the arrival of their son, Adrian, and his new (and latest!) fiancée, Grace.

Adrian has, according to his parents, a certain reputation regarding women and they feel meek, mild-mannered Grace should surely be warned of this. But are things really as they appear? Be prepared, as birthday follows birthday, to be amazed as the truth is finally revealed about Adrian, the suburban closet Lothario!
(Stephen Joseph Theatre summer 2019 brochure copy)

A full synopsis will be published during autumn 2019